Saturday, May 17, 2008

Paul and Storm, Jonathan Coulton, at the Brickhouse

Here in Phoenix last Thursday we were graced with the presence of Jonathan Coulton (Paul and Storm opening) at a venue I hadn't been to before called "Brickhouse" or "The Brickhouse".

It was a little hard to find at "1 east jackson phoenix az", basically take 7th ave South from I-10, then after a left (East) on Jefferson ST, then right (South) on 4th Ave, then left (East) on Jackson ST, then you'll see the tan building on the right, with the entrance to the parking lot ($5) immediately before it, on the West side

Once inside the ticket counter and entrance are on the street side (North) of the building, grab your tickets, get the little plastic/paper hybrid wrist strap, grab a drink (decent price $1 for soda the size of those red solo cups), and sit in the terrible plastic folding chairs. Really terrible plastic folding chairs. (I wonder if I could have brought my own chair...)

About 60% of "audience area" lined with terrible plastic folding chairs and then 40% of restaurant/bar area (called "The Chop Shop" if you google it I think). Really a nice place. I did hear someone complain of too much salt on the fries.

There was either no smoking inside, or no smoking in the "audience" area. But either way I was able to come home and "not reek" of cigarette smoke, which tends to happen to me in these venues in the past.

Paul and Storm's opening was awesome, and much of Jonathan Coultons performance can be seen online:

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