Sunday, May 5, 2013

Set Startup Programs for Delayed Start with Scheduled Task - Windows7

I leave my computer at home off when I'm at work, and I log off my work computer at the end of the day.
On my way home, or to work, I usually have a thought of "As soon as I log into my computer I need to do xyz."
However, I have all these programs that normally run in the background, and as soon as I log into my computer, they would all start and the computer would run a little slower right as I'm trying to do something I'm in a hurry for.

What I like to do, is to set all these "always on" programs, to wait until after I login to launch themselves. This also works great if all I need to do is change one setting and then reboot again, I don't have all those wasted cycles of launching a program, or an even longer delay if it needs to connect to the internet to check for an update.

While you are at it, go ahead and stagger the launches so 30 minutes in, you don't have the computer just freeze as it tries to launch several programs.

First I have the Instant Messenger program I use wait 15 minutes, Dropbox waits 20 minutes, Juice waits 25 minutes, and Hoekey waits 30 minutes. So by 30 minutes after login; everything is normal.

While writing this article I opened up my "Task Scheduler Library" and found that Google and Adobe have some programs that will check for updates at login, and then check every single hour for updates after that. I modified them both to wait 40 minutes after login to run their check for updates.

A description on setting a scheduled task to only trigger "After Logon" is on Microsoft's site:

When is your outfit no longer a cosplay?

Falling right into the "must label everything" trap. I got into a conversation about "professional cosplayers", and could it really be thought of as "play" if you were being paid. We finally decided that what made it "play" vs "pro" was if you picked out the costume. If someone else picks out your costume, you're an actor; if you picked it out yourself (even if you only purchased it yourself) then it could be considered "playing".

Which bring me to another point. We sure do like to label things, and then let other people know if we don't agree on the way they label something versus the way we label something. We should probably stop worrying about it so much.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Checking out books to the Kindle App from the Phoenix Public Library

Walk into a Public Library, and get a Library card, and register it with your name.
Get an account.
Download the Kindle App to your device (or just get a Kindle).
To see a listing of Phoenix Public Library eBooks that are currently available, go to:

After selecting a book, choose the "Kindle Option" to add to book bag, then "Checkout".

When prompted, use your Phoenix Library Card# and Last Name

It will then take you to Amazon, where you can select the Kindle from the drop down list on the right you want it sent to ("iPhone" I assume) then login with amazon user/pass

Then open the kindle app on the iPhone. It should take a minute to sync, then the title should show up at the top.

After 14 days, it deletes itself.