Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Idea - Using SQRL to authorize payments in person

What if your bank had you download an app, enter your website login and password, setup a PIN, and then when you open the app it will prompt for a PIN then display a QR code that is a link to the banks servers plus your account number, the merchant scans it and you get a prompt of "Authorize merchant xyz a one time deduction of $##.## from account ****####?". Then you click "Authorize", and the merchant gets a message that it went through.

It's kinda "SQRL in reverse" or "SQRL for in person transactions". And I would be more excited, if I didn't google "using qr code to authenticate payments" and hear about a few services that may offer something VERY similar like: "E-num", "Seamless", "SEQR", and "CardlessPay".