Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sore Throat Remedy - Maple Syrup and Lemon

Take a whole lemon and squeeze all it's juice in the biggest coffee mug you have, pour in two tablespoons of REAL maple syrup, (not the fake stuff, the real stuff is just as easy to find, right beside the fake stuff and it tastes even better!) Then take your cayenne pepper and put two generous dashes in. Fill the rest of the mug with boiling water, sip and FEEL yourself immediately get better! Your sinuses will clear out, your head clears up, your throat calms down. I don't know why it works so well. It is also an excellent way to fight off becoming sick. Something about the maple syrup and lemon and pepper mixing to create some kind of magical reaction. Don't microwave it though, it kills whatever it is that's going on.
If you don't have all that the best thing is peppers, especially that cayenne. Jon has a real bad cold, so last night I made stone soup (basically beef broth with some potatoes, onions, and celery) I put  a bunch of cayenne pepper in it. So much so that I who am not sick could barely eat it, Jon lapped it up, I think because he could finally taste something, and today he feels great!!

Twitter "Groups" Workaround

Funny. I'd been watching the "when is twitter going to get groups" conversation for a long time, and turns out your the president. I'm emailing you this because I felt the other "answers" fell short and you might no longer be following the topic.

In Twitter Settings>Notices>@Replies you can select "@ replies to the people I'm following".
If we could have this be the default behavior for all new users, and encourage existing users to change to this setting, the following solution could work:

For most of these conferences there will already be an "official" twitter account, for instance @podcampaz

If I create a message and direct it to @podcampaz only people who also follow @podcampaz will have it show up in their feed. Of course if you went straight to my page, you will see the tweets, so it's not "private" and if you wanted to hear what was going on at PodCampAZ even if you weren't there you would subscribe to them.

(Props to @cycomer for the idea)

If you wanted, you could even make groups like @phoenix @arizona @phx @phxNightLife @phxWork @smith123Family @youtube @RT @OH @twitpic @WolfParadeFans @SpencerKrugFans @WorldOfWarcraftPlayers

Maybe this is an alternative to #


I'll explain by example:
I follow PersonA and PersonB
I don't follow PersonC

Whenever PersonA or PersonB says: Hello World
I see it.

Whenever PersonA @ messages PersonB like: @PersonB I like cupcakes
I see it, because I also follow PersonB

Whenever PersonA @ messages PersonC: @PersonC I'll be in your town next week
I don't see it, because I don't follow PersonC

Now if I go to I can read all of the messages, but I won't have the @PersonC messages in my feed.

So as an example, I go to @phx2600 meetings, and I live in @cityofchandler. Assuming everyone who lives in Chandler follows @cityofchandler, and everyone who goes to the local 2600 meetings follows @phx2600, AND has @ replies to people they don't follow turned off, I could say:
@phx2600 meeting is tonight. I'm going to bring a box of junk and give away whatever I have, if you are late bring donuts.
and then right after that say:
@cityofchandler there is a broken water main at Kyrene and 56th st, but 58th is packed to, so if you are headed that way, take 60th st

If you only follow @phx2600, you only get the first message.
If you only follow @cityofchandler, you only get the second message.
If you follow both, you get both.
And if you follow neither, (like my dad in another state), you don't see either message.

And everyone sees my: w00t, I just got paid today! Now who do I owe money to?

How can I fix my problems?

"The worst thing that can happen is that, for people to get up everyday and wait for somebody else to make it right for them" -Rush Limbaugh 2007-07-27

Tips on contacting customer service

If you want some more useful info for your life, here's my quick story about how to call customer service for a billing problem:

If you have a problem with anyone and your only recourse is customer service, here are some tips to get your problem fixed faster when you get a bill that seems unusually high:
1. Don't panic.
2. I assume you just opened it and still have the bill in your hand. Read your bill, find out what looks to be the problem, do this even if you don't think you can find the problem, it will help you understand it when you talk to an agent.
3. Make a little note beside the unusual charge. Be ready to ask a specific question, to request credit for a specific charge with a specific reason.
4. Don't delay calling until the next day. Perhaps you need some information from another person, that's fine but you want to let the company know that you know something is up asap.
5. Have your bill in front of you, and when given an explanation about a charge, make a note.
6. Take notes in addition for anything you are promised.
7. "Can you email me the details of this call" -provides for a record of accountability in plain English and written down
8. "What is your first name or unique ID?" -In case you need to refer back to a specific call or promise
9. "If I don't hear anything back by x, what should I do?" -Use Google Calendar, or anything else to check back and see if charges have been reversed or credits applied.
10. Asking for a manager rarely helps.
11. When all else fails, write a letter.

Proper Mass Emailing

Just wanted to give everyone in my address book a quick tip about how to send an email to a whole bunch of people, without showing everyone's email address.

You first send the email to yourself, then "BCC" or "Blind Carbon Copy" everyone else.

I sent this email to over 30 people, but the only addresses you see, are yours and mine.

By the way, if you ever see a "Email this article to a friend" links, email it from and to your own email address, and then BCC that email to me.  That way I know you didn't give my email address to someone else.
Or... just copy the text in the "address bar" and paste it into an email, and forward that to me.

Stuff in the address bar is the "http:" and the ".com" stuff.  A full link looks like this:

Just wanted to share this tip with everyone in my address book, hope you have a good day!

Friday, April 27, 2012

How to share encrypted files with Cloudfogger and Dropbox

We are using Cloudfogger to encrypt the files and specify who they can be shared with, then using Dropbox to share the files.

So first things first, install Cloudfogger and Dropbox and sign up for the accounts.

Find the file you want to encrypt and share.

With Cloudfogger Version 1.1.1291 installed and running, right click the file you want to share, and choose "Cloudfogger > Fogg and Share" and type in the email of whom you want to share it with then click "Add" then "OK". It will convert the file into one that looks like a green shield with a white check mark.

That was the encrypting, now for the sharing.

Make a new folder in your Dropbox named whatever you would like. Then right click that folder and choose "Dropbox > Share this Folder..."; this should cause the Dropbox website to open up where you can enter the email address of the Dropbox user you would like to share it with.

Place the file you encrypted (the one that was changed into a green check mark) into this folder.

Friend tells you they are prompted for a password when they try to open the file? Right click on the file and choose "Cloudfoggere > Manage Shares" and add their email address in.
If you sign up for Dropbox with my referral link it will give me a little more space for free, and I'd appreciate it :-) Thanks!