Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tweetclouds show what you write most often

Props to for linking to this blog post of his where he mentions "Tweet Clouds".

It basically looks at every tweet you've made, when you use a word, it puts it up on the board, when you use it twice, it makes that word larger, then if used 3 times, even larger.

So I pulled my username up:

Some words that are huge:
@albertmaruggi (He runs a podcast about using social media in marketing I met him at a Social Media breakfast, it was hilarious having him mention "when Best Buy was making their internal website for communication" I would pipe up and comment on it, and he was right there to hear it or answer. Now that I think about it, he's the only podcaster I've ever met in person)

That was kinda it. I try to really work and rework every twitter post, and then don't usually even post that often, and I've only been posting for maybe 2 months. So not a whole lot there. I guess check back in a year and we'll see more trends develop.

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