Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunset Rubdown Setlist 2009-06-22 at Plush in Tucson AZ

11:01:41 PM sunset rubdown is setting up
11:04:28 PM girls on the left squealing. Spencer gives a dirty look
11:12:25 PM the band leaves the stage
11:17:06 PM Black Swan;
11:23:55 PM Taming of the hands that came back to life (labeled as "Funky" on the set list);
11:29:18 PM Spencer: Thank you Hello we're Sunset Rubdown we're from Montreal Canada. ... we have a new record its out tomorrow. Were going to play a number of songs from that for tonight
11:30:00 PM Silver Moons (Labeled as "Silver" on the setlist);
11:35:09 PM Camilla: It's a good turn out for a Monday.
Drunk: any day of the week!
Camilla: Oh get a job.
Spencer picks up a guitar
11:36:20 PM Idiot Heart;
11:42:31 PM Drunk: Let's go to the pool!
Spencer: Go to the pool?
Drunk: For sunset rubdown!
*More Tuning*
11:43:39 PM Spencer: How we doin? How are you guys?
*Song request yells*
Spencer: We're going to play a new song right now, it's not even on the new record.
Spencer: while loading the very complicated gear he was saying "Do you remember the last time we played this venue?"
He said "Well it was a fucking disaster"
I said "That's great I don't remember that"
He said "Well that's because you were really drunk"
So I told him "Thanks for mentioning my problem"
*lifts beer*
I don't have a problem
This is just to take the edge off
This new song is about having to much to drink sometimes.
I would like to dedicate it, to Tod, he's in another band and is our tour manager.
He's babysat me a lot of times I've needed babysitting.
11:45:21 PM Coming to a Dawn (Labeled as "Obliterate" on the set list)
11:50:45 PM Spenser: Thank you
11:51:43 PM tuning up another song.....
11:52:22 PM You Go on Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II) (Labeled as "You Go..." on the set list)
11:57:56 PM Spenser: Thank you
Spenser: Going to do a switcheroo
Spenser: I want to thank elfin saddle and the witchies. Please buy their shit
*points at the merchandise table*
*People yelling "shut up I'm dreaming" and "snakes got a leg"*
12:00:00 AM Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh! (Labeled as "Buff" on the set list);
12:03:46 AM spenser back to keyboard
12:05:29 AM Drunk: Wonder me before you eat me from the crowd
12:05:42 AM Spenser: Well shit well try it. You guys are very kind.
12:06:09 AM Crowd: Shut up I'm dreaming
12:06:17 AM Spenser: We are going to play none of those 3 songs. We have I'm afraid our own agenda
12:06:37 AM The Mending of the Gown (Labeled as "Mending" on the set list)
12:11:36 AM Spenser: Thank you
12:11:50 AM spenser asks crowd member "What are you telling...?"
Drunk Guy up front pointing to Jordan: "I was telling him I love him"
Spenser: "Yeah he's pretty good eh? He's only 12 years old"
12:12:56 AM Winged_Wicked Things (Labeled as "Winged" on the setlist);
12:17:29 AM
Camilla: "Thank You"
Spenser: You guys are awesome
Spenser: "Let me do one more. Lets see how much time we got"
You guys ever drive just around Arizona and listen to 'The Doors'?
That's what we did today.
Crowd: Really?
Crowd: Nice
Spenser: Well I mean, Well we had to drive
Crowd: You had to drive and you had to listen to the doors?
Spenser: Yeah we had to listen to the doors
*Random yells*
Spenser: I'm hurt
12:18:52 AM Dragon's Lair (Labeled as "Dragon" on the setlist);
12:29:09 AM Spenser: Give us a second
*Spenser and band move offstage for a moment, applause dies down to a few clappers, Spenser stands up (perhaps not visible to everyone since hes' on the side) and gives the "slit throat" motion with a flat palm which usually means "cut it off" or "stop it" but since the crowd sees him they just start applauding more*
12:31:47 AM Spenser: Sorry. Thanks. That was really fucking awkward.
12:33:18 AM *Spenser on the guitar*
12:34:12 AM The Empty Threats Of Little Lord (Labeled as "Lord" on the setlist);
12:40:42 AM Camilla: "Thank You"
*Spenser says some things but inaudible over crowd*

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Handsome Furs Setlist 2009-06-12

An awesome concert last night of Handsome Furs at Chyro Arts Venue in Scottsdale Arizona. June 12th 2009. Dan happened to filter his way through the audience and get close to the stage while the second opening band "The Cinnamon Band" was playing their last song.

The band was starting to setup on the stage about 10:08 PM (Arizona Time, which for this part of the year is the same as Pacific time zone).

They started off with a song "about the current financial crisis" as Dan put it.

10:18 PM Legal Tender;

10:20 PM Talking Hotel Arbat Blues;

10:24 PM All We Want, Baby, Is Everything;

I get my twitter messages as Text Messages, so the times can sometimes be off, but at any rate, this came in at 10:27 http://twitter.com/somuchsilence/status/2150823760

10:28 PM
Dan: "What's this song about?"
Alexei: "Doing it!" (excited)
Dan: "It's about sex" (grinning)

10:28 PM Evangeline

10:32 PM
There is some talk of a cactus that attacks you? Dan says their tour manager has told them about it, the crowd attempts to explain, but then shouts of "no thats wrong, they use lasers" starts to be the loudest voice (at least from where I was standing).

Perhaps they are talking about "jumping cactus"



10:33 PM Dan "This song is for David Caridine and Lugio ??? at the same time."
If you are reading this years later, David Caridine was found dead in a Tokyo hotel room 8 days earlier under mysterious conditions that pointed to either murder, suicide, or autoerotic asphyxiation but conflicting reports of the condition of the body are still being sorted out. I didn't quite understand the last name of Lugio, and my searches of "lugio dead" and "lugio confused" in Google and Google News don't seem to have any results that jump out at me.

10:33 PM I'm Confused;

10:38 PM Dan: "We booked the hotel off HotWire for $41 a night, and the pool was closed. Last time I was in town ... this girl ... forced me ... to swim. 'Only 15 minutes away' and it was 45 minutes into the desert"

10:38 PM Nyet Spasiba;

10:43 PM Dan: "This song is about any city you want it to be about."
Alexi let's him know that the microkorg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MicroKORG has been shifting like tectonic plates. He joins her on the table they are setup on, and they jam out.

10:43 PM Handsome Furs Hate This City;

10:46 PM Dan moves back to the guitar

10:50 PM Dan has some praise for "The Cinnamon Band" http://www.myspace.com/cinnamonband Also, did anyone else notice the letter "I" was missing from the drum in the title making it "The C_nnamon Band"? I kept wanting to ask them because I figured they would have a cute story like "there's no 'I' in team" but I never worked up the courage.

10:50 PM Dan says they have one more song to play.

10:51 PM Radio Kaliningrad;

Oddly the Amazon mp3 I bought names it "12 - Radio Kalininbrad.mp3", but he clearly says "grad" and not "brad" in the song. Also thier MySpace has it as "grad" http://www.myspace.com/handsomefurs

10:56 PM The crowd demands an encore. The latin girl with the black fedora sitting right in front of the speakers who was recording most of the concert with some sort of hand held device got up and left and missed the encore song. I wanted to ask her what that was, and if she was going to post the videos anywhere. The encore song I didn't recognize. If you are reading this years from now, he repeats the phrase "I know" in it quite a few times.