Friday, November 27, 2009

The Turkinator Awesome Macro

When you target something, it will come up on your minimap as a yellow circle. When this handy macro will target the closest Turkey (it will also target the dead ones unfortunately if there isn't a live one nearby), it will apply the Raid Icon of the Skull.

Name: tar8Skull
/target Wild Turkey
/script SetRaidTarget("target", 8);

Extra Credit:
Make 7 more macros:

Put in your 1 action bar button
Name: tar1Star
/target Wild Turkey
/script SetRaidTarget("target", 1);

Put in your 2 action bar button
Name: tar2Circle
/target Wild Turkey
/script SetRaidTarget("target", 2);


For Stormwind I like to start on the island that's to the East of the start area where it has the Defias Mages. Mark all the turkeys on the island, then go North East of the island (East of the Island has no turkeys oddly), and get a few more turkeys marked.

Start on the island, then head to your next turkey North East of the island, moving counter clockwise, then I like to go West past the Jaberlode mine, somewhat toward Goldshire, but then don't go all the way, kinda zig zag East and West and you should hit about 40 South past the tower and the field that the "Princess" pig is in.

If you can do it at night, or a time when there aren't a lot of people on, that helps.

It's not necessary to be in a party, but it helps to have a friend in the same party to run ahead and spot turkeys.

Now we're going to have everyone make a few macros.

I like switch to the 2nd set of action bars (assuming you have dual spec), and just fill up the whole thing with macros I can just click the number to hit, but do it however you like.

First make two Macros to communicate "Hey come over here" and "HELP I can't find any" that I map to R and T. (of course if you can voice chat you don't need these)

Name: tarOverHere
/s Over Here
/p Got a Turkey over here

Name: tarNeedHelp
/s I don't see any
/p I need a Turkey!

If the other person is far away you might also spam the "Hey come over here" to let them know you've got one.

Then another macro I like is: "Stop looting"

Name: tarStopLooting
/p Stop looting you'll run out of time

Also, if you wait a few seconds between turkey kills, you can actually give some time for the turkeys to respawn, assuming you have the next one in your sights!/verylemonade/status/138283740358131712 and!/verylemonade/status/138392493237600256 )

If you still have trouble finding a target, you can get some of those "Focusing Lens" crystal things that shoot the "laser" at the target.

Then add
/use Shadow Crystal Focusing Lens

Onto the end of the macros, like so:

Name: tar8Skull
/target Wild Turkey
/script SetRaidTarget("target", 8);
/use Shadow Crystal Focusing Lens

Tip: after typing /use Shift+click whatever focusing lens you have in your bag and it will type it in for you.
Tip: If you are moving it won't activate the focusing lens and take up one of the 40 charges. So you can be riding around on your mount, tagging turkeys for the other person.

Transfer Export or Backup Adobe Photoshop Settings Brushes Actions Preferences Etc

So hard to find, I figured I'd blog it as a way to make it easier to find later.

Use this document to find or re-create preferences files for Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe ImageReady CS2. Preferences files vary by name and location for each version, with each version storing its own preference settings in a different set of files.

To re-create the preferences files for Photoshop or ImageReady, start the application while holding down Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS X). Then, click Yes to the message, "Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file?" or "Delete the Adobe ImageReady Settings file?"

The article goes on from there. Most of the settings are in:
c:\Documents and Settings\[your login]\Application Data\Adobe\Photoshop

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunset Rubdown Setlist 2009-06-22 at Plush in Tucson AZ

11:01:41 PM sunset rubdown is setting up
11:04:28 PM girls on the left squealing. Spencer gives a dirty look
11:12:25 PM the band leaves the stage
11:17:06 PM Black Swan;
11:23:55 PM Taming of the hands that came back to life (labeled as "Funky" on the set list);
11:29:18 PM Spencer: Thank you Hello we're Sunset Rubdown we're from Montreal Canada. ... we have a new record its out tomorrow. Were going to play a number of songs from that for tonight
11:30:00 PM Silver Moons (Labeled as "Silver" on the setlist);
11:35:09 PM Camilla: It's a good turn out for a Monday.
Drunk: any day of the week!
Camilla: Oh get a job.
Spencer picks up a guitar
11:36:20 PM Idiot Heart;
11:42:31 PM Drunk: Let's go to the pool!
Spencer: Go to the pool?
Drunk: For sunset rubdown!
*More Tuning*
11:43:39 PM Spencer: How we doin? How are you guys?
*Song request yells*
Spencer: We're going to play a new song right now, it's not even on the new record.
Spencer: while loading the very complicated gear he was saying "Do you remember the last time we played this venue?"
He said "Well it was a fucking disaster"
I said "That's great I don't remember that"
He said "Well that's because you were really drunk"
So I told him "Thanks for mentioning my problem"
*lifts beer*
I don't have a problem
This is just to take the edge off
This new song is about having to much to drink sometimes.
I would like to dedicate it, to Tod, he's in another band and is our tour manager.
He's babysat me a lot of times I've needed babysitting.
11:45:21 PM Coming to a Dawn (Labeled as "Obliterate" on the set list)
11:50:45 PM Spenser: Thank you
11:51:43 PM tuning up another song.....
11:52:22 PM You Go on Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II) (Labeled as "You Go..." on the set list)
11:57:56 PM Spenser: Thank you
Spenser: Going to do a switcheroo
Spenser: I want to thank elfin saddle and the witchies. Please buy their shit
*points at the merchandise table*
*People yelling "shut up I'm dreaming" and "snakes got a leg"*
12:00:00 AM Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh! (Labeled as "Buff" on the set list);
12:03:46 AM spenser back to keyboard
12:05:29 AM Drunk: Wonder me before you eat me from the crowd
12:05:42 AM Spenser: Well shit well try it. You guys are very kind.
12:06:09 AM Crowd: Shut up I'm dreaming
12:06:17 AM Spenser: We are going to play none of those 3 songs. We have I'm afraid our own agenda
12:06:37 AM The Mending of the Gown (Labeled as "Mending" on the set list)
12:11:36 AM Spenser: Thank you
12:11:50 AM spenser asks crowd member "What are you telling...?"
Drunk Guy up front pointing to Jordan: "I was telling him I love him"
Spenser: "Yeah he's pretty good eh? He's only 12 years old"
12:12:56 AM Winged_Wicked Things (Labeled as "Winged" on the setlist);
12:17:29 AM
Camilla: "Thank You"
Spenser: You guys are awesome
Spenser: "Let me do one more. Lets see how much time we got"
You guys ever drive just around Arizona and listen to 'The Doors'?
That's what we did today.
Crowd: Really?
Crowd: Nice
Spenser: Well I mean, Well we had to drive
Crowd: You had to drive and you had to listen to the doors?
Spenser: Yeah we had to listen to the doors
*Random yells*
Spenser: I'm hurt
12:18:52 AM Dragon's Lair (Labeled as "Dragon" on the setlist);
12:29:09 AM Spenser: Give us a second
*Spenser and band move offstage for a moment, applause dies down to a few clappers, Spenser stands up (perhaps not visible to everyone since hes' on the side) and gives the "slit throat" motion with a flat palm which usually means "cut it off" or "stop it" but since the crowd sees him they just start applauding more*
12:31:47 AM Spenser: Sorry. Thanks. That was really fucking awkward.
12:33:18 AM *Spenser on the guitar*
12:34:12 AM The Empty Threats Of Little Lord (Labeled as "Lord" on the setlist);
12:40:42 AM Camilla: "Thank You"
*Spenser says some things but inaudible over crowd*

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Handsome Furs Setlist 2009-06-12

An awesome concert last night of Handsome Furs at Chyro Arts Venue in Scottsdale Arizona. June 12th 2009. Dan happened to filter his way through the audience and get close to the stage while the second opening band "The Cinnamon Band" was playing their last song.

The band was starting to setup on the stage about 10:08 PM (Arizona Time, which for this part of the year is the same as Pacific time zone).

They started off with a song "about the current financial crisis" as Dan put it.

10:18 PM Legal Tender;

10:20 PM Talking Hotel Arbat Blues;

10:24 PM All We Want, Baby, Is Everything;

I get my twitter messages as Text Messages, so the times can sometimes be off, but at any rate, this came in at 10:27

10:28 PM
Dan: "What's this song about?"
Alexei: "Doing it!" (excited)
Dan: "It's about sex" (grinning)

10:28 PM Evangeline

10:32 PM
There is some talk of a cactus that attacks you? Dan says their tour manager has told them about it, the crowd attempts to explain, but then shouts of "no thats wrong, they use lasers" starts to be the loudest voice (at least from where I was standing).

Perhaps they are talking about "jumping cactus"

10:33 PM Dan "This song is for David Caridine and Lugio ??? at the same time."
If you are reading this years later, David Caridine was found dead in a Tokyo hotel room 8 days earlier under mysterious conditions that pointed to either murder, suicide, or autoerotic asphyxiation but conflicting reports of the condition of the body are still being sorted out. I didn't quite understand the last name of Lugio, and my searches of "lugio dead" and "lugio confused" in Google and Google News don't seem to have any results that jump out at me.

10:33 PM I'm Confused;

10:38 PM Dan: "We booked the hotel off HotWire for $41 a night, and the pool was closed. Last time I was in town ... this girl ... forced me ... to swim. 'Only 15 minutes away' and it was 45 minutes into the desert"

10:38 PM Nyet Spasiba;

10:43 PM Dan: "This song is about any city you want it to be about."
Alexi let's him know that the microkorg has been shifting like tectonic plates. He joins her on the table they are setup on, and they jam out.

10:43 PM Handsome Furs Hate This City;

10:46 PM Dan moves back to the guitar

10:50 PM Dan has some praise for "The Cinnamon Band" Also, did anyone else notice the letter "I" was missing from the drum in the title making it "The C_nnamon Band"? I kept wanting to ask them because I figured they would have a cute story like "there's no 'I' in team" but I never worked up the courage.

10:50 PM Dan says they have one more song to play.

10:51 PM Radio Kaliningrad;

Oddly the Amazon mp3 I bought names it "12 - Radio Kalininbrad.mp3", but he clearly says "grad" and not "brad" in the song. Also thier MySpace has it as "grad"

10:56 PM The crowd demands an encore. The latin girl with the black fedora sitting right in front of the speakers who was recording most of the concert with some sort of hand held device got up and left and missed the encore song. I wanted to ask her what that was, and if she was going to post the videos anywhere. The encore song I didn't recognize. If you are reading this years from now, he repeats the phrase "I know" in it quite a few times.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Devotional - Psalm 91 about Iraq - 2009

(A relative of mine presented this devotional)

Easter Devotional
Saturday Brown Bag Lunch
April 11, 2009

Iraq is about the size of Texas, and I say this because I understand that while I was gone my brother (removed) came home for a little while and talked about HIS experiences in Iraq. While some of the things I say may sound similar, some will sound different. During my tour of duty I was a Motor Transportation Vehicle Operator for (removed) stationed in Al Anbar province. That's a real fancy way of saying: I was a truck driver in western Iraq. But that sure doesn't sound as cool.

I got to see a lot of western Iraq while driving on Convoys for hours and hours at a time. At one point I was living in SW Iraq near the Saudi Arabian border, and the next month I was living in NW Iraq near the Syrian Border.

The wide swath of western Iraq that I saw, looked exactly like what you see out your front porch... Really flat, Really brown, Really desolate.

(Removed) spends his time in eastern Iraq, and like I said: Iraq is about the size of Texas and just as diversified. In an email he sent to the family he talked about beautiful mountains, rivers, and good hiking ground. Well I'm looking out of 4 inches of bulletproof glass thinking, "What on Earth is he talking about?!!"

We had a Navy chaplain with us, and I really liked him. One convoy we went on he had to ride in the back of the truck and when he got out at the end all covered with dirt, I stopped him and said "Hey Chap, this sure has come a long way from being the Promised Land." He then explained how the Promised Land wasn't in this exact spot of this glorious desert.

For a couple of months I was living in the middle of nowhere. Lots of times people throw that saying around, but when I SAY the middle of nowhere, I mean it in the purest way. While I was living out there we would go out on convoys every other day, and the rest of the time we were just trying to stay out of the sand. This made for lots of down time.
We would sit in the trucks and play cards, try and learn Spanish (which sure didn't work for me), and try and decipher the Bible. I say try and decipher the Bible because between me, Garcia, Guzman, and Padilla, we were just a bunch of young dumb truck drivers. We tried to dabble in the Old Testament but very quickly we would find ourselves in the Gospels.

And this is what I want to talk about today or bring to you: how religion affected me over there. We were half way across the world away from our families for a long time and during holidays. Over there all we had was God and each other. Religion has a way of having people come together. After these discussions with my fellow Marines, I'd always feel bonded together a little more.

People often ask me. Were you scared? YOU BET I WAS! I was scared when I shouldn't have been. And I wasn't scared when I probably should have been. Somebody somewhere once pointed out Pslam 91 to me and I held on to that chapter throughout the deployment.

I had Psalm 91 written on some of my gear and many guys would ask what Psalm 91 said. I'd say, go read it, but I'd also tell them that to me it meant, do not worry because God will protect you. Religion can bring people, even Marines, close together. Some of the biggest, baddest, toughest, Marines I know would walk up to me and say, "You know my favorite part of Psalm 91 is this verse or that line." --Marines that I didn't know well, but after just that little exchange about Psalms we would be brought closer. God really helped us out, because all we had was Him and each other. And religion gives you that warm feeling of security and that was a feeling that didn't come up very often.

There were many times I would be in the truck driving for hours and hours about to fall asleep, and I'd say a prayer: God it doesn't matter how many more energy drinks or sugar pills I take; I'm about to fall asleep, flip this big truck and kill everybody in it. Please just keep my eyes open for a couple more hours. And He always did.

Before every convoy we had what is called a convoy brief. This brief would tell us where we were going, how we were getting there, how fast we'd be going--things like that. Then we would jump in our trucks, slap a round into our rifles and hit the road.

But at the end of every convoy brief, the Navy Chaplain would lead us all in a prayer. Some of the prayers were motivating, some were a little sad. The prayers would go something like: "God, we're here in Al Taqadum Iraq. Be with every Marine and Sailor and truck as we go across the Al Anbar province to our objectives." And then at the very end he would always say the same thing every single time, and I liked it.
He'd end it with: "May his spirit guide us, presence protect us, and strength uphold us. Amen." That was motivating for me. Sometimes my buddy Guzman and I would even give the fist pump when he'd say those last three things. I enjoyed it so much that everyone in my platoon grew to enjoy it as much as I did.

But in the end I'd just like to say thanks for all the packages sent, and the prayers said for me while I was over there. There were some really tough times to get through over there, and God played a major role in making all the guys in my platoon feel like brothers, and some sort of family out there, and some sense of security.

And the next time you get scared. Think of Psalm 91.

Heavenly Father we stand here today in (Removed) TX asking that you be with every man, woman and car here as we all drive across (Removed) County to our appointed places of duty. Thank you for dying, and rising that we might live. May His spirit guide us, presence protect us, and strength uphold us. Amen.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Making twitter groups as simple as possible

Originally posted at


In Twitter Settings>Notices>@Replies you can select "@ replies to the people I'm following".
If we could have this be the default behavior for all new users, and encourage existing users to change to this setting, the following solution could work:

For most of these conferences there will already be an "official" twitter account, for instance @podcampaz

If I create a message and direct it to @podcampaz only people who also follow @podcampaz will have it show up in their feed. Of course if you went straight to my page, you will see the tweets, so it's not "private" and if you wanted to hear what was going on at PodCampAZ even if you weren't there you would subscribe to them.

(Props to @cycomer for the idea)

If you wanted, you could even make groups like @phoenix @arizona @phx @phxNightLife @phxWork @smith123Family @youtube @RT @OH @twitpic @WolfParadeFans @SpencerKrugFans @WorldOfWarcraftPlayers

Maybe this is an alternative to #


I'll explain by example:
I follow PersonA and PersonB
I don't follow PersonC

Whenever PersonA or PersonB says: Hello World
I see it.

Whenever PersonA @ messages PersonB like: @PersonB I like cupcakes
I see it, because I also follow PersonB

Whenever PersonA @ messages PersonC: @PersonC I'll be in your town next week
I don't see it, because I don't follow PersonC

Now if I go to I can read all of the messages, but I won't have the @PersonC messages in my feed.

So as an example, I go to @phx2600 meetings, and I live in @cityofchandler. Assuming everyone who lives in Chandler follows @cityofchandler, and everyone who goes to the local 2600 meetings follows @phx2600, AND has @ replies to people they don't follow turned off, I could say:
@phx2600 meeting is tonight. I'm going to bring a box of junk and give away whatever I have, if you are late bring donuts.
and then right after that say:
@cityofchandler there is a broken water main at Kyrene and 56th st, but 58th is packed to, so if you are headed that way, take 60th st

If you only follow @phx2600, you only get the first message.
If you only follow @cityofchandler, you only get the second message.
If you follow both, you get both.
And if you follow neither, (like my dad in another state), you don't see either message.

And everyone sees my: w00t, I just got paid today! Now who do I owe money to?


One last note that didn't make it to the getsatisfaction page:
On my twitter stream I have it set to "Show no @ replies". Instead I just track the groups I want to keep up with (like @phx2600) using my favorite twitter search app.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My mistake of following 550 people and how I hope to fix it

Sorry for the follow, and then unfollow everyone in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, etc.

Building off my previous "You are the news" blog post where I explain that reading people's twitters is more valuable as news than watching the local nightly news or your local paper.

I have been struggling with how best to accomplish this.

One of the first things I did was use Google to search "Location: Phoenix" and then follow everyone there, and then tracked Phoenix and if the person who came up listed as being from the area, followed them too. Way back in the day would show a map of an area and twitter posts from there, so looked up Phoenix and followed everyone from there as well. Then started attending local "social media" events and if I met someone there, followed them on twitter as well.

The problem: follows 550 people. Way back in the day Leo Laporte mentioned that he viewed these micro blogging services as a "river of news" where you can't possibly drink it all in, but instead, "bathe in a river of information". That's what I was doing, but found I wanted to keep up with some currents 100% of the time, but they were being flooded out by the other 546 people I was following.

Location based search and came to my rescue. You can now do near:Phoenix at and run an Adobe Air app called TwitterLocal that allows you to have a program that launches at startup, showing posts within so many miles of a zip code. So I setup one for within 5 miles of 85050, and another for within 50 miles of 85051. That should take care of the river of info for Phoenix AZ. So now whenever I have 30 seconds to spare (waiting on a download, or my World of Warcraft character has to wait for something to finish for a few minutes) I switch over to the TwitterLocal app and glance at what's going down.

Distraction? Certainly not. I'm saving hours a day by not even trying to read the newspaper or watching television. With this system I only "head to the river" when I'm free. There might be days where an intense set of circumstances causes me to ignore everything, and on the days when I'm open to more information coming my way, I'll go for a bath.

I'm now going to try and unfollow down to 100 people. Why 100? It just seemed like a nice round number. So if I had followed you, and am now unfollowing you, please do not take it as an offense, and I promise, from now on, to not follow someone just because they are in Phoenix AZ. I have to expect that some people will unfollow me once they read this, if you do, consider setting up a solution for those nearby as well, and then @ me to let me know what you came up with, I'd love to hear it.

Speaking of @ messages. On the advice of @evo_terra, you can turn off all @ replies (other people @'ing someone else) in twitter settings. Still trialing that.

The list of people I'm going to try and keep following:
1. Family.
2. Friends I grew up with.
3. People within 5 miles of 85050
4. Phoenix 2600 Group (Once a month meeting where we chat about computer stuff)
5. Social Media Friends
6. A few tech journalists / news feeds
7. People I've met at local events

Then the whole other list of people who I get their text messages sent to my phone will fluctuate depending on how many txt a day I feel I can handle.

Twitter if you are listening: You could make this easier by default.
1. Include @Replies in the main stream instead of another page.
2. Have a "near me" page on the main page that users could click on if they get interested.

A problem: I know how to do this, but will anyone else?