Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tweetclouds show what you write most often

Props to for linking to this blog post of his where he mentions "Tweet Clouds".

It basically looks at every tweet you've made, when you use a word, it puts it up on the board, when you use it twice, it makes that word larger, then if used 3 times, even larger.

So I pulled my username up:

Some words that are huge:
@albertmaruggi (He runs a podcast about using social media in marketing I met him at a Social Media breakfast, it was hilarious having him mention "when Best Buy was making their internal website for communication" I would pipe up and comment on it, and he was right there to hear it or answer. Now that I think about it, he's the only podcaster I've ever met in person)

That was kinda it. I try to really work and rework every twitter post, and then don't usually even post that often, and I've only been posting for maybe 2 months. So not a whole lot there. I guess check back in a year and we'll see more trends develop.

Friday, April 18, 2008

What I would teach all the children of the world

Beside "Reading", "Writing", "Arithmetic", "Deductive Reasoning". Well now I feel like I came up with a whole new slew of things to write about. But I just posted in the comments over at a blog I happened across:

I was commenting that if I was going to try and reach out to all other countries and teach them something it would be:

"No one can solve your problems but you. If you want something, you have to work for it so that you can get it or afford it. Free trade benefits both parties because you both end up with a good that otherwise would have cost you more. Trust no one and be suspicious of anyone offering help. Don't enter "contests" or "lotteries" and even avoid signs of "Free ". Nothing is free and there is always a catch. When people relate when something happened to them, they tend to exaggerate, not because they are bad people, but they are convinced it happened that way. The only thing you can control in your life is your reaction to other people, so the less you react the way they would expect the better. If someone insults you, smile and laugh, because they cannot hurt you with words and if they see you cringe they will only attack more. You are responsible for your feelings, and the more you think about how someone has hurt you, the more they win. Do not give money to people you don't know, and take care of your family and friends, the best kind act is to do for others what you do best because it will have the biggest impact. Try to give other people the benefit of a doubt."

Thought of one more thing "There is a lot more out there than what goes on in your house, your school, and your town. The minute you leave home it's like living in a different world and it will only get better. Try not to live with your parents over the age of 18. Then the minute you leave college it's another whole new world, and it gets better. You may one day move out of your town/city and everything changes again."

But don't worry. What life does best (and I'm including humans) is adapt. Whatever changes are thrown your way, you can handle. At the beginning is probably the worst, but you can get through it and eventually you won't even remember the pain. After all, you control your memories.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why government causes pollution

All attempts to modify a market from whatever the natural laws of supply and demand would dictate, will cause inefficiency.

Any inefficiencies translate into more raw materials that need to be consumed in order to make and use a product.

More raw materials to accomplish the same goal (of the finished product) causes the purchaser to do more than would normally be required, thus increasing the work s/he would have to do.

This demand for more materials than would be necessary to accomplish the same goal, is causing more demand for materials.

More material used equals more pollution.

Thus, help to decrease pollution by removing artificial costs to products in the form of regulation and taxes.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Security Now #139 Response -Who owns the saturated routers?

Security Now #139
Steve Gibson talked about there being routers that would become so saturated they would start dropping packets.
Who owns that router?
If I was "the guy" who noticed all traffic headed toward that router was failing frequently, wouldn't I opt to start sending my traffic towards a different router?
In theory we could keep switching connections until there are none left, at which point "the guy" would shout, "won't someone put up a router that isn't saturated?"
And when the cost of bandwidth/equipment/regulatory agencies/etc gets low enough so that a profit can be made *poof* another routing path will appear and the call will go out to "send your traffic here!"
in a free market problems get solved when costs for solutions gets lower than problems.

Looking for VersaMail Outlook2007 PalmOS expert

Anyone in Phoenix? (Or anywhere else) worked with lots of PalmOS and Outlook 2007 setups or with VersaMail? Please comment on this post, @tankilo in twitter, or email me at the email address at the top of the page

Monday, April 14, 2008

How about phxaz instead of phx?

Don't know about everyone else out there in twitterville, but I use twitter on my cell phone and track my username (tankilo), tweetupaz, and phx.
Problem is, instead of just the traffic for hashtag #phx, I get anyone talking about flights inside and out of phx, and all sorts of sports references.
As twitter grows this will become increasingly harder to handle.
So how about this, instead of #phx, how about #phxaz? I know with a 140 character limit, 2 characters is actually not a trivial matter, but I hope it will prove worth it in the long run.
TinyURL to this post:

I wanted to do no less

I wanted to do no less than save the world.

Hey we all have to start somewhere.