Saturday, May 4, 2013

Checking out books to the Kindle App from the Phoenix Public Library

Walk into a Public Library, and get a Library card, and register it with your name.
Get an account.
Download the Kindle App to your device (or just get a Kindle).
To see a listing of Phoenix Public Library eBooks that are currently available, go to:

After selecting a book, choose the "Kindle Option" to add to book bag, then "Checkout".

When prompted, use your Phoenix Library Card# and Last Name

It will then take you to Amazon, where you can select the Kindle from the drop down list on the right you want it sent to ("iPhone" I assume) then login with amazon user/pass

Then open the kindle app on the iPhone. It should take a minute to sync, then the title should show up at the top.

After 14 days, it deletes itself.

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