Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tips on contacting customer service

If you want some more useful info for your life, here's my quick story about how to call customer service for a billing problem:

If you have a problem with anyone and your only recourse is customer service, here are some tips to get your problem fixed faster when you get a bill that seems unusually high:
1. Don't panic.
2. I assume you just opened it and still have the bill in your hand. Read your bill, find out what looks to be the problem, do this even if you don't think you can find the problem, it will help you understand it when you talk to an agent.
3. Make a little note beside the unusual charge. Be ready to ask a specific question, to request credit for a specific charge with a specific reason.
4. Don't delay calling until the next day. Perhaps you need some information from another person, that's fine but you want to let the company know that you know something is up asap.
5. Have your bill in front of you, and when given an explanation about a charge, make a note.
6. Take notes in addition for anything you are promised.
7. "Can you email me the details of this call" -provides for a record of accountability in plain English and written down
8. "What is your first name or unique ID?" -In case you need to refer back to a specific call or promise
9. "If I don't hear anything back by x, what should I do?" -Use Google Calendar, or anything else to check back and see if charges have been reversed or credits applied.
10. Asking for a manager rarely helps.
11. When all else fails, write a letter.

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