Friday, November 27, 2009

The Turkinator Awesome Macro

When you target something, it will come up on your minimap as a yellow circle. When this handy macro will target the closest Turkey (it will also target the dead ones unfortunately if there isn't a live one nearby), it will apply the Raid Icon of the Skull.

Name: tar8Skull
/target Wild Turkey
/script SetRaidTarget("target", 8);

Extra Credit:
Make 7 more macros:

Put in your 1 action bar button
Name: tar1Star
/target Wild Turkey
/script SetRaidTarget("target", 1);

Put in your 2 action bar button
Name: tar2Circle
/target Wild Turkey
/script SetRaidTarget("target", 2);


For Stormwind I like to start on the island that's to the East of the start area where it has the Defias Mages. Mark all the turkeys on the island, then go North East of the island (East of the Island has no turkeys oddly), and get a few more turkeys marked.

Start on the island, then head to your next turkey North East of the island, moving counter clockwise, then I like to go West past the Jaberlode mine, somewhat toward Goldshire, but then don't go all the way, kinda zig zag East and West and you should hit about 40 South past the tower and the field that the "Princess" pig is in.

If you can do it at night, or a time when there aren't a lot of people on, that helps.

It's not necessary to be in a party, but it helps to have a friend in the same party to run ahead and spot turkeys.

Now we're going to have everyone make a few macros.

I like switch to the 2nd set of action bars (assuming you have dual spec), and just fill up the whole thing with macros I can just click the number to hit, but do it however you like.

First make two Macros to communicate "Hey come over here" and "HELP I can't find any" that I map to R and T. (of course if you can voice chat you don't need these)

Name: tarOverHere
/s Over Here
/p Got a Turkey over here

Name: tarNeedHelp
/s I don't see any
/p I need a Turkey!

If the other person is far away you might also spam the "Hey come over here" to let them know you've got one.

Then another macro I like is: "Stop looting"

Name: tarStopLooting
/p Stop looting you'll run out of time

Also, if you wait a few seconds between turkey kills, you can actually give some time for the turkeys to respawn, assuming you have the next one in your sights!/verylemonade/status/138283740358131712 and!/verylemonade/status/138392493237600256 )

If you still have trouble finding a target, you can get some of those "Focusing Lens" crystal things that shoot the "laser" at the target.

Then add
/use Shadow Crystal Focusing Lens

Onto the end of the macros, like so:

Name: tar8Skull
/target Wild Turkey
/script SetRaidTarget("target", 8);
/use Shadow Crystal Focusing Lens

Tip: after typing /use Shift+click whatever focusing lens you have in your bag and it will type it in for you.
Tip: If you are moving it won't activate the focusing lens and take up one of the 40 charges. So you can be riding around on your mount, tagging turkeys for the other person.

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