Sunday, September 21, 2008

Does Electronic Arts hate the planet?

Needlessly alarmist headline I know.
So I started to play Warhammer at the urging of some friends.
I'd like an additional trial account so my wife can play as well.
Can't seem to find a way to set that up on the website.
Attempted to just buy a new account online, couldn't find a way to do that either.
So sent in a form at and they told me they started case 080922-0025**
It says 24 hours for reply, so let's see what we get.
Will Electonic Arts allow you to just pay with a credit card over their website to setup an account -or- do they hate the planet and want us all to drown in trash?
I like this whole fear mongering thing, why haven't we done this more in the past?
Update: Received email September 22nd 5:45pm
Well... draw. I got an email response that was a cut and paste of some FAQ. None of them directly addressed my concern. This one came close:
--Why won’t the serial code I purchased from work on my account?-

Followed the link and got this info:
QUESTION: Why won't the serial code I purchased from work on my account?
Answer: A serial code purchased from is intended for registering new accounts only. This code will not work for upgrading your existing account to Samurai Empire. If you have questions concerning your purchase from Direct2Drive, please go to and click the Help button at the top of the page. You will be able to e-mail your concern to their Customer Support department.

So it sounds like there is a website called that allows you to purchase games... but there seems to be some kind of question as to whether or not it works... and why is the game "Samurai Empire" being brought up?

I'll probably give it a try anyway.

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